Swedish translation of biological texts

Levande text offers translation from English, German and Danish into Swedish with focus on biology and other life sciences. All translations are carried out by Maria Warnefors who is a trained translator and has a PhD in biology, ensuring that your text is handled with linguistic and scientific precision.

Potential new customers are offered a free test translation. You can find more information further down on this page.

Swedish proofreading and editing

For existing Swedish texts I offer Swedish proofreading and editing according to your requirements. This service always includes a thorough check of spelling, grammar and syntax to ensure that your readers can focus on the content instead of being derailed by linguistic mistakes. Other language services can be included as needed. For example, I can

  • analyse the structure of your text and suggest changes to clarify your message;
  • give suggestions on how to adapt the text to your intended audience;
  • shorten the text according to a set word limit; or
  • fact-check the text.

Before I start working on your text, we will decide on the scope as well as the price. That way you always know the cost beforehand.

Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your precise needs.

Biological expertise

Does your text concern animals, plants, bacteria or viruses? Molecules, cells, organisms or populations? Levande text offers Swedish biological translations of all kinds, ranging from texts written for an expert audience to popular science for all ages..

You can find more information about Maria and see examples of previous translations here.


The final price depends on the text and your choice of language services. If at all possible, please consider attaching the text when contacting me. This allows me to return with a quote as soon as possible. You have not committed to anything before accepting the price and delivery date.

Payment is through bank transfer to Levande text’s account in Denmark. To avoid international transfer fees, invoices to European customers are typically issued in euros, although other currencies are available on request.

Free test translation

Interested in my services, but not yet sure if they suit your needs? Why not book a completely free test translation or proofreading and see for yourself what Levande text has to offer. The free trial is offered to new potential customers and consists of translation or editing of a general or biological text of up to 250 words. No additional purchase is required. Just get in touch to book yours!