Maria Warnefors – translator and biologist

Maria Warnefors – översättare och biolog
© Emma Warnefors

My name is Maria Warnefors and I’m a translator with special focus on biology. After completing my PhD in the UK, I worked as a researcher in evolutionary genomics based first in Switzerland and then Germany. These days I live in Denmark and work full-time as a translator.

I have an MA in Translation from Lund University, Sweden (2019), a PhD from University of Sussex, UK (2011), and an MSc in Molecular Biology from Lund University, Sweden (2007).

Below are some examples of texts I have worked with.


In The Rules of Contagion (Swedish: Smitta), Adam Kucharski shows how the world is shaped by contagious phenomena, ranging from diseases to violence and social media content.

Smitta : om virus, våld, finanskriser och fake news by Adam Kucharski, Norstedts, 2021
Original title: The Rules of Contagion
Translator: Maria Warnefors | Cover: Miroslav Sokcic


I have translated several popular science TED talks about biology. (If they don’t appear automatically, Swedish subtitles can be switched on using the control bar at the bottom.)

Fyra miljarder år av evolution på sex minuter
Prosanta Chakrabarty

Upptäckterna som väntar i havets skymningszon
Heidi M. Sosik

Research articles

I have extensive experience writing for an academic audience. Below are a couple of selected scientific publications that reflect my academic writing skills.

Sex-biased microRNA expression in mammals and birds reveals underlying regulatory mechanisms and a role in dosage compensation
Warnefors et al, Genome Research, 2017.

Conserved microRNA editing in mammalian evolution, development and disease
Warnefors et al, Genome Biology, 2014.

A full publication list is available through Google Scholar.