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Have your biological text translated from English, German or Danish into Swedish by a translator who specialises in biology.


Do you already have a Swedish text about biology? Make it even better through tailored Swedish proofreading and editing.

Levande text översätter och språkgranskar texter om djur, växter och natur.
Levande text översätter och språkgranskar texter om genetik och bioinformatik.

Biological expertise

Work with somebody who understands your subject matter: all translations are performed by a trained translator with a PhD in biology.

Free trial

Interested but not yet sure? Levande text
offers a free test translation before you decide. Just get in touch to book yours!

Levande text

All subfields of biology

I specialise in all types of biology, green as well as white. That includes molecular biology, biomedicine, genetics, bioinformatics, ecology, evolution and so on, but also adjacent fields such as biochemistry and environmental studies. In case of doubt, you are of course more than welcome to contact me. If I’m not the right person for the task, I will do my best to redirect you.

All types of texts

Is your text short or long, academic or popularised? I have extensive experience with biological texts and can help you with:
  • popular science books and articles;
  • webpages for research groups, organisations and companies;
  • Swedish summaries of research proposals; and
  • scientific publications and theses.

Flexible solutions

Levande text offers language services according to your individual needs. Whether you need help on a single occasion or would like to work together over a longer period of time, we will find a suitable solution. If you’re a new customer, I am happy to provide a test translation free of charge, so that you can see for yourself what Levande text has to offer (more information here). 

Levande text